Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tips for Sniper

The sniper's default weapons are quite good, like the sniper rifle. it is one of the best weapons that the sniper has. It also has a SMG, which can be replaced by a one-time-use anti-backstabber called the razorback. It can also be replaced by a back that lets the sniper have a health that is about 15hp more. The sniper's sniper rifle can be replaced by other kinds of sniper rifles, but usually i prefer the default, and the huntsman, which is a bow and arrow. It allows the sniper to shoot close range, and be more mobile. The sniper's melee weapons are quite good, especially the shahanshah. try to change ur hiding/sniping areas often, so the enemy wont find u that easily. uh ya so thats all i have sniper! sorry its a little short. 

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