Monday, 30 January 2012

Tips for Demoman

Here are a few tips as to be a good demoman. As demoman, u have a grenade launcher, a sticky bomb launcher and a melee weapon. When ur grenade hits an enemy directly, the damage taken by that enemy is increased by quite a lot. Indirectly....not so much... Your sticky bomb launcher is a good weapon, especially for defense. Try to place ur sticky bombs around a door so when an enemy runs through, use the secondary click to detonate the bombs! Try to hide ur sticky bombs well so the enemy would not try to destroy them before getting destroyed themselves. You can also use ur sticky bomb to do a sticky jump. NEVER PUT MORE THAN TWO BOMBS WHEN DOING THIS. or else u'll die. It's quite easy though. First, place one or two sticky bombs on the floor. Next run to the sticky bombs. Then, jump. Lastly, detonate them while ur a LITTLE in front of the bombs. This lets u jump forward and higher. Personally, i find this easier than a rocket jump. Lastly, ur melee weapons. Although this class is meant for defense, the melee weapons are really good. One example is the half-zatoichi. ITS AWESOME. with every kill, ur health goes back to 100%. lotsa other melee weapons are awesome too! well that's kinda it.

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