Monday, 30 January 2012

Tips for Medic

Medic is the only healing class in all 9 classes of TF2. The default load out is the Medigun (Secondary), Syringe Gun (Primary) and the Bone Saw(Melee). So the strategy for Medic is evading any firefight if possible. You may want to stand in the front lines with yourself protected such that you would not be killed while healing a team mate. Basically just hide behind ur teammates. The Syringe Gun or your primary weapon is most used when you have to fend for yourself, but usually the melee weapon is a better choice as the melee weapon has more power and accuracy, sort of. The gun is better to be used in close-quarters for better aiming. An advantage you might have with others is your health regeneration where you get to regenerate 3hp/s. That is the best part of being a medic where you can heal yourself, not literally but every second u gain 3 health. When your Ubercharge is ready, do not activate it unless ur healing someone, and ur in a middle of a warzone, and you are seriously desperate. 

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