Monday, 30 January 2012

Tips for Scout

For scout, u run 30% faster than the average speed when moving forward, and 20% faster when moving backwards. U have quite good weapons, like ur guns. ur default gun is pretty good. the force-a-nature and soda popper are also good weapons. While in the air, u sometimes might need an extra push but u already used ur 2/3 jumps (depending on whether u use that special melee weapon that lets u jump 3 times in a row, also known as atomizer). This is a good time to use ur force-a-nature. all u have to do is face downwards and shoot. This gives u a little extra push, thus helping u get to some places. The soda popper is also quite good cuz over time, it will give u mini-crits. Also, if u think that only able to shoot two bullets is suckish, well, those two bullets are good enough to kill someone. For ur secondary weapon, well, u have pretty decent ones :D. (sorry that im not talking much abt it) And for u melee weapons, their awesome! the sandman can slow down enemies and make them unable to shoot or fight when u secondary click it. (unless u changed the controls of course). The holy mackeral is also great as it deals quite alot of damage! Just now i also talked about another melee weapon that lets u do a triple jump...well its awesome XD. that's about it, sorry if i didn't talk abt all the weapons...YUP

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