Monday, 30 January 2012

Tips for Spy

OK so for spy tips, well basically for spy, u are able to cloak, and instant kill someone when u stab them in the back. u have a spy sapper, and thus u are the most capable, in ur team, to destroy buildings like sentries and dispensers. u can disguise as the opposing team too. u have to remember that U HAVE A GUN. seriously. dont just anyhow stab stab stab and then die. ur gun can deal pretty good damage too. dont try facestabbing someone. seriously. dont. u cant kill someone quickly enough before u blow up urself. try to remember to change disguise continuously. if u keep using the same disguise, the opposing team is going to find u easily. also, do not hang around the same place too often. that is the stupidest thing to do. and i know the "Meet the Spy" vid shows the spy throwing the sapper, but actually u cant do that. u have to go right next to it and then sap it. k? thats all i got. will post more soon! also, go here for other good spy tips

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