Monday, 30 January 2012

Tips for Pyro

When pyro, remember that ur best weapon is short-range! Also, the closer u are to the enemy, the more damage u deal to him/her. Thus, try to use corners to ur advantage. PLZ. do not be like my friend and try to use ur flamethrower in water! this may seem obvious, but some actually do this to "save time", only to get themselves killed. Next, u don't have to stay in one position to flame ur opponent. remember, ur opponent CAN SHOOT. if u stay still, he'll kill u. (even though he might also die...) Try to move and jump around to live a little longer. also, u can deflect rockets and bombs. quite good when facing sentries. (i deflected the sentries' rockets b4 and the sentry blew up XD). Lastly, u have other weapons! This is related to just now when i talked about not using ur flamethrower in the water. u have a shotgun/flaregun/detonator and quite good melee weapons! Remember them!

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