Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tips for Engineer part 1

k so for the engi, ur main default weapon is a shotgun, so shooting distant targets are not really effective. ur wrench is also quite a good melee weapon. U can build buildings like the sentry, the dispenser and the teleporters. all buildings have a maximum level, 3. All things buildable (and some weapons of the engineer) need metal to be made or used, or repaired The sentry shoots faster, has increased damage and has more health as the level increases. At level 3, the sentry's machine gun is much faster and the sentry has rockets. Ur dispenser is a building that provides metal, health and ammo to players nearby. at a higher level, ur dispenser would have more health and would be able to dispense the things faster. Lastly, u have a teleporter. this can help u teleport to different places, but remember, the tele is one-way. For tips, the engi should find spots where he can surprise the enemy, or a place where the sentry will have no blind spots. try to keep ur sentry and dispenser close to u, so it would be easy to get metal and to repair and refill ur sentry

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tips for Sniper

The sniper's default weapons are quite good, like the sniper rifle. it is one of the best weapons that the sniper has. It also has a SMG, which can be replaced by a one-time-use anti-backstabber called the razorback. It can also be replaced by a back that lets the sniper have a health that is about 15hp more. The sniper's sniper rifle can be replaced by other kinds of sniper rifles, but usually i prefer the default, and the huntsman, which is a bow and arrow. It allows the sniper to shoot close range, and be more mobile. The sniper's melee weapons are quite good, especially the shahanshah. try to change ur hiding/sniping areas often, so the enemy wont find u that easily. uh ya so thats all i have sniper! sorry its a little short. 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Tips for Soldier

The soldier is the easiest class to master. its default is a rocket, a shotgun and a shovel. With the rocker launcher, u can rocket jump into the air. Scouts can jump pretty high but the soldier can rocket jump higher than a scout. a shotgun, of course, is only good if it is close range. the shovel too. the rocket is already good enough, and u do not really need to use the other weapons much. there are different types of rocket launchers, like the liberty launcher, the black box, the original, etc. The shotgun can be replace by another weapon known as the righteous bison. its not really a shotgun, or pistol, but just a futuristic item. sorry i really dun have much to say abt the soldier

Tips for Medic

Medic is the only healing class in all 9 classes of TF2. The default load out is the Medigun (Secondary), Syringe Gun (Primary) and the Bone Saw(Melee). So the strategy for Medic is evading any firefight if possible. You may want to stand in the front lines with yourself protected such that you would not be killed while healing a team mate. Basically just hide behind ur teammates. The Syringe Gun or your primary weapon is most used when you have to fend for yourself, but usually the melee weapon is a better choice as the melee weapon has more power and accuracy, sort of. The gun is better to be used in close-quarters for better aiming. An advantage you might have with others is your health regeneration where you get to regenerate 3hp/s. That is the best part of being a medic where you can heal yourself, not literally but every second u gain 3 health. When your Ubercharge is ready, do not activate it unless ur healing someone, and ur in a middle of a warzone, and you are seriously desperate. 

Tips for Demoman

Here are a few tips as to be a good demoman. As demoman, u have a grenade launcher, a sticky bomb launcher and a melee weapon. When ur grenade hits an enemy directly, the damage taken by that enemy is increased by quite a lot. Indirectly....not so much... Your sticky bomb launcher is a good weapon, especially for defense. Try to place ur sticky bombs around a door so when an enemy runs through, use the secondary click to detonate the bombs! Try to hide ur sticky bombs well so the enemy would not try to destroy them before getting destroyed themselves. You can also use ur sticky bomb to do a sticky jump. NEVER PUT MORE THAN TWO BOMBS WHEN DOING THIS. or else u'll die. It's quite easy though. First, place one or two sticky bombs on the floor. Next run to the sticky bombs. Then, jump. Lastly, detonate them while ur a LITTLE in front of the bombs. This lets u jump forward and higher. Personally, i find this easier than a rocket jump. Lastly, ur melee weapons. Although this class is meant for defense, the melee weapons are really good. One example is the half-zatoichi. ITS AWESOME. with every kill, ur health goes back to 100%. lotsa other melee weapons are awesome too! well that's kinda it.

Tips for Scout

For scout, u run 30% faster than the average speed when moving forward, and 20% faster when moving backwards. U have quite good weapons, like ur guns. ur default gun is pretty good. the force-a-nature and soda popper are also good weapons. While in the air, u sometimes might need an extra push but u already used ur 2/3 jumps (depending on whether u use that special melee weapon that lets u jump 3 times in a row, also known as atomizer). This is a good time to use ur force-a-nature. all u have to do is face downwards and shoot. This gives u a little extra push, thus helping u get to some places. The soda popper is also quite good cuz over time, it will give u mini-crits. Also, if u think that only able to shoot two bullets is suckish, well, those two bullets are good enough to kill someone. For ur secondary weapon, well, u have pretty decent ones :D. (sorry that im not talking much abt it) And for u melee weapons, their awesome! the sandman can slow down enemies and make them unable to shoot or fight when u secondary click it. (unless u changed the controls of course). The holy mackeral is also great as it deals quite alot of damage! Just now i also talked about another melee weapon that lets u do a triple jump...well its awesome XD. that's about it, sorry if i didn't talk abt all the weapons...YUP

Tips for Pyro

When pyro, remember that ur best weapon is short-range! Also, the closer u are to the enemy, the more damage u deal to him/her. Thus, try to use corners to ur advantage. PLZ. do not be like my friend and try to use ur flamethrower in water! this may seem obvious, but some actually do this to "save time", only to get themselves killed. Next, u don't have to stay in one position to flame ur opponent. remember, ur opponent CAN SHOOT. if u stay still, he'll kill u. (even though he might also die...) Try to move and jump around to live a little longer. also, u can deflect rockets and bombs. quite good when facing sentries. (i deflected the sentries' rockets b4 and the sentry blew up XD). Lastly, u have other weapons! This is related to just now when i talked about not using ur flamethrower in the water. u have a shotgun/flaregun/detonator and quite good melee weapons! Remember them!