Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tips for Engineer part 1

k so for the engi, ur main default weapon is a shotgun, so shooting distant targets are not really effective. ur wrench is also quite a good melee weapon. U can build buildings like the sentry, the dispenser and the teleporters. all buildings have a maximum level, 3. All things buildable (and some weapons of the engineer) need metal to be made or used, or repaired The sentry shoots faster, has increased damage and has more health as the level increases. At level 3, the sentry's machine gun is much faster and the sentry has rockets. Ur dispenser is a building that provides metal, health and ammo to players nearby. at a higher level, ur dispenser would have more health and would be able to dispense the things faster. Lastly, u have a teleporter. this can help u teleport to different places, but remember, the tele is one-way. For tips, the engi should find spots where he can surprise the enemy, or a place where the sentry will have no blind spots. try to keep ur sentry and dispenser close to u, so it would be easy to get metal and to repair and refill ur sentry

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  1. there is also a server where u can place like 2 sentries right?